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One thing about me. If you think to work with me

Lisen to music e.g. from Frank Duval, Falco ...Elsa or other solo-performers.

Do you really think they would be better placed in a band?

Well, then you may notice a glance at pictures by Dali or Picasso, sometimes by van Gogh and Banksy or Karo, that some people design and deliver better projects, when working as a single.

Of course I dont work as musician or painter.

But the way they work fit me well.

Some do things as employees and others as entrepreneurs.

Think about.

In case nobody understands what I do or how I work.

I am a writer of my ideas who wants to put them on the market.

It is similar to a solo musician or painter more concretely

comparable to a bestsellerwriter.

They also put their ideas on paper so you can make money from them.

And with it you also get new input for your company and

safe and build jobs at best.

That's what I like to do as entrepreneurs.


Thank U



About my life and so on



12. August 2022

Nearly back on stage?

Only maybe.

Probably only in better conditions!


...I keep it in my consideration.


It's not my problem

Sorry, I can't do anything about that. That's the way it is!





of course

that’s me

up to date

as well as possible




I know, I have to look for a actuall foto.

With time.....And after older :-)


just at time

  • independent enterprise consultant
  • projectdesigner
  • as self-taught
  • In search of something meaningful and meaningful. Like all of us!



  • several commercial activities
  • agent not secret but for insurances
  • various administrative work
  • most time in touch with the nice customers
  • education as industrial clerk
  • business school
  • small craft trainings
  • secondary schools
  • simply an adventure, since more than 46 years


some of my lyrics


With a small winking

I like thinking before instead reflect



You should wine drink

like you want to seduce yours wife,

without thinking about.

Do it carefully and well dosed...




"one who brings lot, brings something to someone"

When you want everything all from me, you get nothing.

If you take one, you get two or three. That's me.



something about privacy and interests:

  • grown up in Sinzheim next Baden-Baden
  • sometimes I enjoy a look on classical beautys                  also the others
  • also interest in cultural exchange
  • a creative life with projectdesign
  • I like writing - sometimes dirty, then of course secretly ;-))
  • modern visionary visions of the future
  • a mix from the American and Swedish lifestyle
  • I still have to work at my English. I like it.


  • NAT, she ist my daughter and I'm just her DAD


closing words


And the company on which I work here is a home-office comparable the same as a garage-company. At the moment she is mor or less active.

It is ever the same. With the right partner a trash idea will rock the market. And with the wrong partner best ideas will fall down.

But I only search after the suitable and several project partners.

If I feel you are compatible with an idea, then I get in contact with you.

The other way is, if you want something of me - of course you also can ask. Very much for your inquiry, thank you.


And of course noone has to explain to me, that it need several co-worker in the background & around, that each kind of project run up to a perfect aim.

If you think first about that that you have to explain me thoughts like this, than you on the wrong place here.

Sorry than leave the page and make your own thing.


The things we can think and talk about are the questions and facts around a project. We know everything else , so we can use the time better for tangible projectsteps.


But if you leave the page pleasse try not to make copy of mine. I think it is a form of respect and a understandable codex in business life .

Thank You.

On a good work together.



Fair winds and following seas


Tom Oliver Gartner

the founder & CEO + owner


your projectdesigner